I never thought It’d ever get this way, again. The feeling of unwell is torturing my mind. If there was a pill to kill it, I really would because its that bad!

These thoughts, are untamable. The dark rises as it puts my peace of mind to rest. Overcoming such thoughts works 80% of the time, but that 20% sure hits home really hard. The thing is, it’s a chemical imbalance in the brain to spark these dark thoughts of the world. The feeling of the world is going to end, that there’s no solution to anything. It’s a struggle on top of things I already need to do at age 25. Mid-twenties is a pretty harsh timing… 

P.S. - I need my own business. I realize, I thrive well ALONE. Well, if it was mine that is.  

To be continued. 

I feel as if theres just more to know in this world, a life worth having, something worth sharing, a success worth pursuing.. 

Thing is: what is it that makes us thrive?

Sometimes things aren’t suppose to be yours the first time around, but the second time. You just know better to not mess it up and if you do, well.. You’re just a fkn idiot.

love this song

Life has many lessons and the most important part of it all is that we learn and grow from it all. There comes a point in a persons life that everything just makes so much sense and days where you ask yourself are you fucking kidding me? The way I look at my life now is very different from 6 months ago. I’ve become more appreciative of things and those around me. I understand that nothing last forever and if it doesn’t work the first time around, chances are it may never work ever. As we get older, dating  is just a way to weed out and figure out what you’d eventually want in your future mate. The qualities they must have and the things we can overlook. The past year was quite difficult and to my surprise.. My best year yet. It was full of soul, and I’ve found things I’ve lost along the way. 


Identity; its plays such a huge role in a person’s life.  Its the root of where their beliefs and morals come from. When a person is lost and unsure of where their headed, this is a where they should start. People can get lost and re-evaluate their identity with the new experiences they encounter on a daily basis. These new encounters and experiences can help heal issues from early childhood.

Experiences can help heal and help a person understand what they went through and help open their eyes to something unknown to them before hand. This discrepancy may exist between an individual’s virtual and actual identity. Their belief at times can and may destroy them if they choose to believe their stigma and place themselves under “handicap”.

Life can be easy, if we all just live life with an open mind and heart. People choose their path in life, they’re in charge of how they react in situations, and usually how they react to issues takes them back to to their early childhood. You cannot underestimate a parent’s love or a care taker’s love for a child. In the early ages of a child, it is very important they receive proper love and affection, as well as attention in order to feel complete. A child who is constantly disappointed will merely grow up feeling disappointed with many things and are likely to handle stress more unhealthy. A person who were constantly disappointed and receive less support from their loved ones are less likely to give more love to the world.

To help an individual is to help them understand how their upbringing affected them and in this case, once they’re aware, this helps heal their early childhood issues. This gives them a better understanding of their identity and what they need in order to better themselves if they choose to.

to be continued…